Four locations with their own specialization

Levoplant has spread its activities across four locations in the Municipality of Westland. Each of these locations has its own specialization to ensure and maintain maximum efficiency.

Pouwelslaan 31, Honselersdijk

At the main location on Pouwelslaan, which is also our largest branch, we grow Phalaenopsis in 12 cm pots on an area of 5.2 hectares. It is the most modern Levoplant location where we use the latest techniques in the field of automation, which allows us to supply orchids at the variety level. With an enormous buffer capacity, it is easy to respond quickly to various order sizes.

Herenwerf 21, Maasland

At Herenwerf in Maasland, Levoplant also grows the Phalaenopsis in 12 cm pots. The difference with the branch on Pouwelslaan is that this location is optimally equipped for the sale of mix orders under the ILIKEĀ® Mix label. We also use the Maasland branch for testing new varieties for their commercial feasibility. Here, on an area of 4 hectares, all facilities can be found for efficient cultivation and fast delivery.

Vijverberglaan 19, Honselersdijk

The company in Honselersdijk is 3 hectares in size. This branch focuses on the cultivation of Cordyline australis in three different varieties. Cordyline australis is a plant of tropical origin, which is grown under cold conditions in Honselersdijk.

Scheeweg 29, De Lier

The cultivation of Phalaenopsis in the larger pot size of 17 cm is concentrated in a modern company in the greenhouse region on the border of De Lier and Maasland. Here, Levoplant cultivates on an area of 2 hectares. The company is highly automated in order to be able to decisively respond to demands from the market.