ILIKE® Supreme, premium-quality Phalaenopsis

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Welcome to Levoplant. We are one of the largest Phalaenopsis growers in the Netherlands and the European market leader in the cultivation of Cordyline australis. We continuously inspire the market with innovative concepts, and our capacity enables us to deliver high-quality projects all-year round in large volumes. So it's no surprise that Levoplant has developed into the largest supplier of Phalaenopsis by variety in Europe. Levoplant is a supplier with a complete range tailored to exporters, wholesalers, garden centres, and florists. Level up with Levoplant.

ILIKE® Plants

Exceptional quality deserves its own brand: ILIKE® Plants. We keep our product range manageable, and above all attractive, with different concepts in 12 and 17 cm pots. ILIKE® Plants has a characteristic look and design. Each of our concepts represents a particular market segment. With ILIKE® Supreme, you can meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers in a variety-specific way. ILIKE® Mix is a mix of popular varieties, making it an attractive option price-wise. And ILIKE® Duetto, with its double plant in a 17 cm pot, gives that luxurious look and feel to every Phalaenopsis.

Levoplant embodies

exceptional quality, innovation, and

exclusive varieties.