Leonardo, the top-quality Phalaenopsis line

Leonardo literally means ‘like a lion’ and is synonymous with the famous Italian painter and sculptor Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519). In addition to being a gifted artist, Da Vinci was a brilliant inventor and has been accredited with several noteworthy discoveries during the Renaissance. His worldwide acclaim rested in his eye for beauty and quest for perfection.

The Leonardo line supplied by Levoplant reflects the spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci, by striving for the self-same level of exceptional quality and perfection. The Leonardo Phalaenopsis is given the utmost care from start to finish, guaranteeing delivery of only the finest plants.

The Leonardos have a minimum of 16 buds, ensuring a lasting abundance of blossoms. They are supplied with luxurious Leonardo labels.

Leonardo by variety

Levoplant supplies Leonardo by variety. At least 18 varieties have been chosen for Leonardo based on the blossom’s shape and colour, but also considering shelf-life and leaf colour.

Different colour labels have been developed for Leonardo by variety, so that the colour of the flower matches the colour of the label. These superior varieties are grown with exceptional care on site for Leonardo by variety, guaranteeing top-quality plants. The Leonardo by variety plants are available in four hole cardboard trays.

You can always contact us if you have any questions about the available packaging and tray options.

Leonardo characteristics by variety

  • Guaranteed top quality
  • 18 different varieties
  • Can be ordered by variety
  • Label matches blossom
  • 4 hole cardboard tray
  • 5-hole plastic tray

Curious about the available options? Contact our sales team.

Leonardo mix

The Leonardo is also available as a mix. In the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, the best plants are selected for the finest results.

The Leonardo mix can be delivered in a six-hole or nine-hole tray. The packaging is always transparent. The six-hole tray features six different varieties. The nine-hole tray features nine different varieties.

Characteristics of the Leonardo mix

Height: 60-70 cm
Branches: 2
Buds: 18+
Colours per tray: 9
Specialties: 1 or 2

Offer Leonardo

  • Look of the Leonardo orchid
  • Leonardo in 4-hole tray
  • Leonardo in 4-hole tray
  • Leonardo in 4-hole tray