ILike® Orchids

Let us surprise you with our exceptional orchids in three rejuvenated ILike® product lines


Our standard mix with a variety of orchids, offering outstanding value for money. The attractive heart-shaped label immediately reflects the orchid mix line.

- 12-cm orchid mix
- Different packaging varieties
- Excellent value for money
- Unique, fancy heart-shaped labels
- Broad range of varieties in different length and color combinations

ILike® Supreme

Specially selected varieties for a specific quality. The especially fancy double label emphasizes an exclusive look. The orchids have two branches and more than eighteen buds.

- 12-cm orchids by variety
- Specially selected varieties
- Two branches with 18+ buds
- Fancy look with double label

ILike® Duetto

A rich orchid in a 17-cm pot. Specially selected varieties for a specific quality. The fancy bronze label indicates that this is the large Duetto.

- Two orchids in a 17-cm pot
- Heavy-duty quality (3 to 6 branches)
- Specially selected varieties
- Rich large orchid

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