Duetto, a 17-cm line full of luxury and flowering power

Duetto is the Italian word for a duet – a song for two voices – where the voices interchange or sing in harmony.

Instead of two voices, Levoplant’s Duetto features two plants in a single pot, together forming a beautiful whole. Special varieties have been chosen for the Duetto, because of their blooming and growth potential.

The extra heavy quality of the thick-branched plants guarantees extraordinarily beautiful flowers. Not only does this quality guarantee flowers in abundance, it’s also good for an extended blooming duration.

The plants are supplied with an attractive bronze pot cover and associated label. But you’re more than welcome to order them with a luxurious ceramic outer pot. The good looking Duetto is sure to be an eye-catcher in every home.

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Height55-70 or 70+
Buds30+, 40+, 50+, 60+
Loading volume40 plants per Danish container with 4 plants a tray

Offer Duetto

  • Duetto purple
  • Duetto white
  • Duetto pink