Recycle Tray

100% recycled, 100% sustainable!

From January 2016 Levoplant has got something new. A completely recycled tray, made out of green plastic bottles. These bottles are being molded into a brand new tray. With this new tray Levoplant tries to do a step forward in the development of durability and corporate social responsibility.

This tray has the same loading, but is stronger and slightly cheaper than the present 490 standard tray. And because it is recycled, it is also better for the environment and your wallet.
The new tray will be available in the 10-hole version and will replace the present 10-hole tray. From January the 1st all Ilike orders will be delivered with the new recycled tray. Customers will be informed on time.

The recycled tray can be recognized by its green transparent color and unique print with the “Created by Levoplant” logo.

For more information you can contact our sales department.

Recycled trays

  • 10-hole size tray in replacement of our standard 490 tray
  • 100% recycled from plastic bottles.
  • A stronger tray, with the same loading
  • Delivered with the ILike Phalaenopsis range.
  • Available January 2016
  • Load: 5×10 per layer