Ceramic and Glass, more convenience and luxury

At Levoplant, you can also order beautiful pots and glass wear. This offers more convenience and a luxury look, because a top-quality plant combined with a beautiful pot and luxury sleeve complete the picture. Highly recommended for all customers looking for luxury.

Ceramics for Duetto and ILike®

We also offer the option of delivering ceramic pots for our Duetto (17-cm Phalaenopsis) and ILike® (12-cm Phalaenopsis) products.This gives the Duetto – a 17-cm pot in which two Phalaenopsis plants together form one beautiful whole – an extra boost of luxury. The Duetto will undoubtedly provide you with a beautiful eye-catching feature at home.
The 12-cm ceramic ILike® also forms a beautiful whole, combining plant and pot. Making the most of the product’s appeal.

Bombay vases

During the seasons, it’s also possible to order Bombay vases in special colours.These colours have been specially selected and will complement your order nicely. Bringing you beautiful plants during autumn.

Curious about the available options? Contact our sales team.