Leading pot plant nurseries in the Netherlands

We are Levoplant, a family business specialised in growing Phalaenopsis orchids and Cordyline australis. We rank amongst the Netherlands’ leading pot plant nurseries.

Anneke and Leo van der Voort established Levoplant in 1969 with a surface area of 7,000m2. Today, the company has expanded into a major player in the Phalaenopsis market, with an overall greenhouse cultivation area of 14 hectares, housed across four different locations in Westland. In 2012, Leo van der Voort stepped down as managing director. His sons-in-law Henry Duijvestijn and Ron Fransen have taken over leadership of the company.

Levoplant was one of the first in adopting a fully automated cultivation system for the Phalaenopsis, after which many growers followed. Levoplant was also unique, growing in cups and applying invisible codes to its pots. The company’s vision has always been one of offering reliability and delivering quality.

Innovation and customised solutions

Even today, we continue to offer new and innovative products, including a number of plant species cultivated exclusively by Levoplant. We also supply Phalaenopsis by variety. And we’ve introduced an entirely new consumer brand for the Phalaenopsis called ILike®.

As well as providing top quality and innovation, we’d be happy to share more about offering you customised solutions. We offer a number of sales concepts that can be customised for delivery to different customers. So that you’ll receive the very best products.