Levoplant launches 'Hadithi' concept

During IPM Essen, the trade fair for horticulture, Levoplant (stand 1A16) presents the surprising new Hadithi sales concept. With Hadithi, we offer a collector’s item through a distinctive application of the Phalaenopsis with a unique story.

Hadithi means “story” and is inspired by the stories of people and cultures from all over the world. The concept stems from the trend: “the world is one”. With increasing globalization, people can and will discover more and more; there is so much more outside the bubble of the everyday environment. There is a sense of more belonging to other continents. We would like to learn more about other cultures, collect unique objects from all over the world and combine them in our own interior.

The unique world story is illustrated on the decorative accessories around the Phalaenopsis, such as the supporting stick. Each item is unique and has its own pattern and color. “You no longer buy an orchid, but a Hadithi,” said Mischa Groothuizen, key account manager at Levoplant. “When the orchid has finished flowering, the decorative items from Hadithi are beautiful collectors’ items to turn every interior into a story”.

An endless story
The current edition illustrates the love story of teenagers from the African Zulu tribe. There are many more stories to tell, from the New Zealand Maori, Indians to the Vietnamese Hmuong. These stories will be continued in the upcoming editions of Hadithi. Inspiration to apply Hadithi to your interior and to give its accessories a second creative life, can be found on the Hadithi Pinterest page.

The product development is a co-creation between Levoplant B.V. and Van Nifterik Holland B.V. “Together we hired Concept Factory for trend research, concept development and implementation of Hadithi. With great enthusiasm and pride we present Hadithi at our stand during the IPM ”, says Groothuizen. Hadithi is exclusively available at Levoplant. Ask our sales team for the possibilities for your company.

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