How to care for your orchid

The Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular indoor plants. It forms part of the orchid family. It is also known as the ‘Moth Orchid’ and originates from the tropical rainforests of Asia. The orchid is known for its blooming duration – sometimes for as long as three months – and is ideal in combination with all interior styles due to its wide range of colourful blooms.

  • The plants like light, but not direct sunlight. So not in the full sun during summer, although this is possible during winter.
  • Watering once a week is sufficient. Immersing the plant in water for around 10 minutes is perfect.
  • If a branch has finished blooming, prune it above the second or third node from below, which is where the branch thickens. A new shoot will grow from here in time.
  • Keep the blooms away from central heating units, humid areas and bowls of fruit.

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